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Tye Alston

Fixing Nm's Failed Education System Must Be A Priority Empty Fixing Nm's Failed Education System Must Be A Priority

Sat Jan 15, 2022 4:17 pm
As the 2022 Legislative Session starts, legislators will be faced with a host of issues. No one has to be told that New Mexico continues to rank at the bottom of every important ranking to understand that we are in desperate need of reform. The progressive lawmakers in charge of our state have failed to create a prosperous New Mexico in terms of crime, healthcare, economic opportunity, kid well-being, and education. And, once again, these same elected officials will attempt to address some of the increasing issues rather than addressing the underlying issue, which is a failing educational system that is failing our children and grandkids while also presenting a grim future for our state.

How can we expect salaries to grow, crime to fall, and quality of life to improve when New Mexico's public K-12 schools rank dead last in the nation? We are unable to do so. The progressive approach, on the other hand, is to simply pour more money into an already-broken system. To put it another way, we're depleting our savings account to keep repainting and patching walls on a home that has a rotting foundation and has to be rebuilt.

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