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What is wrong with Indian education system? Empty What is wrong with Indian education system?

Sat Aug 21, 2021 3:44 pm
This question stems from a preconceived perception that the Indian educational system is flawed. Making that assumption or being presumptuous in the first place was incorrect. To put it in context, ours is diverse, evolving, highly affordable, of high international standard, concept-oriented, and produces graduates and the best managers, engineers, doctors, judges, authors, accountants, and scientists, to name a few subjects. Education is what education accomplishes, and as a result, there are many foreigners who desire to study in India, seeking and securing admission to the country's finest universities.

In reality, foreign students enroll in our best institutions such as the IITs, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and a number of other universities because of the high standards of education and the former two being centers of excellence. In reality, more than a millennium ago, in the 5th century AD, we had the Nalanda University, the largest and most important landmark of civilization, which lasted until the 13th century.

A single word response would be meaningless. As a result, there's nothing "wrong" at first glance, or otherwise we'd be hitting new heights. If other countries have a superior solution, we are catching up.
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