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Why should we use a 5G internet? Empty Why should we use a 5G internet?

Sat Jul 17, 2021 3:42 pm
For better speed, lower latency and more data in order to make theology accessible .5G is a cellular telephone standard that allows for faster data transmission than the preceding generations. It’s just an upgrade, like 4G was over 3G, and so on. Your mobile phone will be able to send and receive more data. This is useful for things like streaming video live from a phone. If all you do with your phone is make voice calls and send text messages, you don’t need it.

For some people, 5G will provide broadband Internet where there was none. A lot of people in one of my friend’s neighborhoods, out in the boonies where there isn’t any broadband, got Verizon 4G JetPacks so their kids could use zoom classrooms via the new cell tower that was put up. I use 5g to give a quick cheap essay service online to students at no time so they always appreciate me for fast service.5G will be a better option where it’s available

Some people are concerned that the higher frequencies and more transceivers used by 5G will add to the constant bath of radiofrequency we now experience and push over some disastrous radiofrequency brink, but I’m not one of them…
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Why should we use a 5G internet? Empty Re: Why should we use a 5G internet?

Thu Jun 23, 2022 6:49 pm
For better speed we need 5G
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