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James Allen Diamond Stud Earrings Empty James Allen Diamond Stud Earrings

Thu Mar 23, 2023 3:06 pm
Hi guys, just your average first time purchaser with a purchase question. I mainly want to make sure I didn’t make a bad purchase decision / get too ripped off.

I ordered the 1 carat total weight (0.5 each earring) version of this with platinum setting.

I got the cheaper natural diamond version. Total price was ~$2,400 + tax

I’m firm on not getting synthetic, the girl I’m with seems like the type who wouldn’t be down.

With the purchase I was aiming to impress a little bit but also wanted them to be okay for everyday wear. I was between this size and 0.75 Carat weight but figured you only live once. At the risk of sounding like I’m humble bragging, the girl they are for is very petite (under 5 foot) so I’m a bit worried they may be too big, if anyone has an opinion on that.

I’m also curious how much I could realistically save with a reputable online dealer if I put in effort? I saw ~0.50 carat stones on ritani for about $500 so it seems like it would be relatively straightforward to save $1000 if I wanted? Like 2 stones + setting cost.

Overall just curious about thoughts on purchase like:

Is this a good set of studs for everyday wear?

Did I get totally ripped off?

Thanks for the help!

James Allen Diamond Stud Earrings Empty Re: James Allen Diamond Stud Earrings

Fri Mar 24, 2023 8:10 pm
Hello all! As for me then clove earrings are not a bad option that would wear everyday. If you need to recommend a store then I recommend you jewelry online store Itshot, in this store I have recently bought diamond hoop earrings for women as a gift to his girlfriend, if you can not choose then the consultants of this store will help you find the earrings to your image. I am sure that in this store you will find something that you like.
I think I helped you with your question.
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