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Morgan Wallen To Chrissy Teigen: Celebrities Who Were Canceled In 2021 Empty Morgan Wallen To Chrissy Teigen: Celebrities Who Were Canceled In 2021

Sat Dec 18, 2021 12:49 pm
Morgan Wallen To Chrissy Teigen: Celebrities Who Were Canceled In 2021

Teigen became a member of the 'cancel club' after many individuals accused her of cyberbullying.
Morgan Wallen, a country music artist, and Chrissy Teigen, a model, have all been in the news recently for their activities, and have received a lot of anger as a result.
Here are a few celebrities that made news in 2021 and were either canceled or had a lot of backlash:

Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen, a country music musician, made news in February when a video of him uttering the N-word emerged.
Wallen was slammed on the internet and in the country music business. Despite being nominated for many Academy of Country Music Awards, Wallen did not participate in any way at the event. His record company dismissed him, and his songs was removed off iHeartRadio.
In an interview with Michael Strahan months after the video aired, Wallen discussed the footage and his decision to use a racist slur.
"I was with several of my pals, and we were just joking around. It's amusing in our imaginations. It seems naive, but that's where it originated from, and it's incorrect "Wallen said. "We were all plainly inebriated, and I was begging his partner to look after him since he was inebriated and about to go. I didn't mean that in any kind of disparaging way."
Despite the response, Wallen's music has remained popular. He has confirmed his tour dates for 2022.

Chrissy Teigen

After many individuals accused the model of cyberbullying, Chrissy Teigen joined what she dubbed the "cancel club."
Courtney Stodden was the one who originally accused Teigen of cyberbullying.
Stodden, who identifies as they/them and is nonbinary, claims Teigen ordered them to kill themselves on Twitter. At the time of the tweets, Stodden was just 16 years old.
Lindsay Lohan, Farrah Abraham, and Michael Costello of "Project Runway" have all accused Teigen of cyberbullying.
Teigen has apologized for her prior actions many times in public, including in a long Medium article that she posted on social media.
When the claims were made public, Bloomingdale's and Macy's allegedly dropped out of brand ties with the model-turned-chef. Teigen also walked away from her Safely brand and opted out of a Netflix project.
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