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How to Write Effective Holiday Posts on Social Media Empty How to Write Effective Holiday Posts on Social Media

Tue Nov 29, 2022 4:29 pm
The holiday season can be stressful. Planning ahead is essential because there isn't much time left after dealing with family issues, traffic, and shopping to think of funny and engaging holiday content to plan, create, and post.

Although the earlier the better, your content should at least be scheduled before Thanksgiving. Because the December holidays are quickly approaching once Thanksgiving has passed.

Successful Holiday Social Media Campaign Examples

Do you still have those "Elf Yourself" videos from a few years ago? More than 92 million people have downloaded Office Depot's interactive app, and the company didn't have to make a single one of these videos. Compared to a company like Starbucks, the Office Depot brand isn't as easily shareable, but anything is possible with a good idea. Use Office Depot as motivation to think outside the box if you're concerned that your product or service isn't "exciting" enough!

The Giving Machine is yet another time-tested, cheery holiday concept. When someone approaches the vending machine, they decide to give shoes or books to people in need rather than purchase something for themselves.

The promotional video is the ideal illustration of a highly shareable holiday video because it doesn't feel like an advertisement. An affordable video production services comapny can assist you in making a polished video that your followers will want to share, even if your business doesn't have the funding for its own giving machine.

1. Run a contest

2. Hold a branded competition

3. Display Some Kindness

4. Authenticity
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