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Nia Matos

China Surprises the World With New Technology Empty China Surprises the World With New Technology

Sat Aug 07, 2021 5:26 pm
Many years ago, foreigners frequently chastised China for duplicating their technologies, implying that we lacked ingenuity. However, things have changed. China's innovative technology astounded the rest of the globe. Many visitors are surprised and appreciate the convenience provided by Chinese wisdom.

Foreign media are focusing their attention on this great old country as the Belt and Road policy becomes a big topic around the world. Various international visitors to China tell the media that the country is no longer impoverished and is rapidly developing, with many innovations taking the lead. Foreigners prefer the original applications, such as Wechat and Alibaba. Ofo's new project has gotten a lot of attention.

We are accustomed to being humble and always depreciating ourselves, yet we can now be rather confident. The visitor to China is taken aback by the changes and speaks positively of the country. People here are friendly, and the cultural diversity catches them off guard on a regular basis. China is acquiring a better reputation as technology advances.

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