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Expand my knowledge Empty Expand my knowledge

Thu May 23, 2024 12:31 pm
I'm really eager to expand my knowledge through some truly fascinating and unique course subjects. Does anyone have recommendations for providers in the UK that offer training programs covering more niche, unconventional topics? I'm looking to dive into something outside the traditional areas of study.
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Expand my knowledge Empty Re: Expand my knowledge

Thu May 23, 2024 12:32 pm
You know, I can't say I'm very familiar with too many of the non-traditional course offerings out there. However, I do vaguely recall someone mentioning an online school to me that seemed to have a more eclectic mix of classes. I believe the website was - though I can't fully vouch for the accuracy of that link. From the little bit I overheard, it sounds like they might cover some more thought-provoking, specialist subject areas alongside their standard curricula. But to be perfectly honest, the details are quite fuzzy in my mind. Rather than potentially misleading you, I'd suggest taking a look at that site yourself and exploring what unique learning opportunities they may or may not have available. That way, you can get the full, direct picture of their course catalogue to see if anything catches your eye. Let me know if you discover any particularly fascinating programs!
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