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Home Lightning Protection Services Empty Home Lightning Protection Services

Fri Jan 12, 2024 2:42 pm
Lightning protection systems (commonly known as lightning rods) are installed for safeguarding homes against the lightning risk. These systems work by intercepting lightning strikes and diverting the electrical current safely to the ground. The air terminals or strike termination devices (lightning rods) act as conductors, reducing the amount of damage the lightning can cause by redirecting it to a low-resistance path. When installed correctly, lightning protection systems can provide a degree of protection that can give homeowners peace of mind. It is important to engage the services of a professional lightning protection system specialist (lightning rod installer), who can provide expert guidance on the correct installation procedure.
Homeowners in Virginia should prioritize home lightning protection systems to ensure the safety of their families and homes. Lightning strikes can cause significant damage and even pose a risk to human lives. Installing lightning protection is an effective way of minimizing the damage caused by these powerful natural occurrences. Homeowners should seek a certified lightning protection specialist (lightning rod installer) with the competence and experience to guide them in choosing the right equipment, assessing the location, and the installation procedure. With lightning protection systems in place, homeowners can rest assured that they are safeguarded against the dangers of lightning strikes in Virginia.

Loehr Lightning Protection, Co.
5268 Hull Street Road
Richmond, VA 23224
TEL: 804-272-1627
FAX: 804-231-4239
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