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The Most Common Problems With Subaru Vehicles Empty The Most Common Problems With Subaru Vehicles

Thu Oct 26, 2023 6:10 pm
The Most Common Problems With Subaru Vehicles Infograhoc-subaru

1. Cracked Windshields

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Since 2015, numerous Subaru owners have reported spontaneous windshield cracks. This problem has become more prevalent with the introduction of "acoustic glass" in Subaru's windshield design. The exact cause of these cracks is still under investigation, but some theories suggest that the change in glass composition may be a contributing factor.

Affected Subaru owners have expressed frustration with the cost of windshield replacements, as they often come with a hefty price tag. Many owners are seeking compensation from Subaru for these unexpected windshield cracks. If you experience this issue, it is recommended to contact your local Subaru dealership and report the problem.

"Since 2015 there has been a surge in complaints about Subaru windshields that crack spontaneously. Many believe this is due to a design switch to 'acoustic glass.' Owners want compensation from Subaru because windshield replacements come with a significant price tag.

2. Subaru STARLINK Problems

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Subaru's latest infotainment system, STARLINK, has encountered various issues reported by owners. The system heavily relies on a touch screen interface, which has been known to freeze randomly or stop responding to touch inputs. In some cases, owners have found that shutting off the vehicle for an extended period is the only way to restore functionality to the system.

Subaru is aware of these problems and has released software updates to address them. If you are experiencing difficulties with your Subaru STARLINK system, it is recommended to contact your local Subaru dealership for assistance and potential software updates.

"STARLINK is Subaru's latest infotainment system. It heavily relies on a touch screen interface that freezes randomly, stops responding to touch inputs, and sometimes requires the car to be shut off for over an hour before it starts working again.

3. Lineartronic CVT Reliability

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Subaru's Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), known as Lineartronic, has faced reliability issues as vehicles age. The CVT can cause noticeable shaking and wobbling as it shifts through gears, leading to discomfort for occupants. In extreme cases, the CVT can hesitate to the point of causing the engine to stall, requiring Subaru to extend warranties and offer repairs.

If you are experiencing problems with your Subaru's CVT, it is crucial to contact your local Subaru dealership for diagnosis and potential repairs. Regular maintenance and following Subaru's recommended service intervals can also help mitigate CVT-related issues.

"Once praised for its design, Subaru's CVT is showing problems with age. It can shake occupants back and forth as it wobbles its way through gears. In extreme cases, it can hesitate so much it causes the engine to stall, forcing Subaru to extend warranties and offer repairs.

4. Rodents Chew Subaru's Soy Wires

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Subaru, like many other automakers, uses soy-derived wire coatings in their vehicles. Unfortunately, rodents find these soy wires irresistible and tend to chew through them, causing electrical malfunctions and expensive repairs for Subaru owners. While Subaru insists that this is not a design flaw, it has become a significant problem for many Subaru owners.

To mitigate the risk of rodent damage, some owners have resorted to using rodent repellents or installing wire loom protection. If you suspect rodent damage to your Subaru's wiring, it is crucial to contact your local Subaru dealership for inspection and potential repairs.

"Rodents just can't resist the soy-derived wire coatings used in many Subaru vehicles. The chewed-up wires are costing owners hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars in repairs but Subaru, like other automakers, insists this isn't a design flaw.


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While Subaru vehicles are generally reliable and well-regarded, they can still experience certain common problems. From fuel pump failures to brake light switch defects, it is essential for Subaru owners to stay informed about these issues and take appropriate action when necessary. By working closely with your local Subaru dealership and staying up to date with recalls and service bulletins, you can ensure the longevity and reliability of your Subaru vehicle.

Remember, always consult with a qualified mechanic for car advice and repairs. Safety should be a top priority, and addressing any potential problems promptly can help prevent further complications down the road.
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