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Simone Harper

 Chris Noth Denies Allegations Of Sexual Assault Empty Chris Noth Denies Allegations Of Sexual Assault

Sat Dec 18, 2021 1:37 pm
Chris Noth has replied to allegations that he sexually assaulted two women in 2004 and 2015.

 Chris Noth Denies Allegations Of Sexual Assault Chris-Noth-Denies-Allegations-Of-Sexual-Assault

Two women have accused Chris Noth of sexual assault, which he denies.

Following The Hollywood Reporter's publication of the claims on Dec. 16, the 67-year-old And Just Like That... actor released a statement, telling E! News, "The allegations leveled against me by people I knew years, if not decades, ago are totally untrue. These tales might have been written 30 years ago or just a few days ago—no always means no, and I didn't cross that line. The interactions were mutually beneficial. It's tough not to be suspicious of the timing of these reports. I'm not sure why they're appearing now, but one thing is certain: I did not abuse these ladies."

The two women reached The Hollywood Reporter independently and do not know one other, according to The Hollywood Reporter. They both used pseudonyms to protect their anonymity. Zoe, 40, contacted the journal in October, saying the alleged attack happened in Los Angeles in 2004, when she was a 22-year-old fresh college graduate working for a company that conducted business with Noth and other celebrities.
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