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How to use keyframes with CapCut templates? Empty How to use keyframes with CapCut templates?

Thu Nov 30, 2023 1:25 pm
CapCut currently doesn't support keyframe animation for templates. The keyframe feature allows users to set different values for properties (such as position, scale, opacity, etc.) at specific points in time, enabling smooth and customized animations. However, CapCut's template functionality primarily focuses on preset animations and effects that cannot be further modified using keyframes.

When using capcuttemplate, you can apply them directly to your video clips or images without the ability to adjust individual keyframes. Templates are designed to provide pre-built animations and visual enhancements that can be easily applied to your footage. You can select a template, customize the text or media placeholders, and adjust certain parameters like duration or position within the template settings.

While CapCut's template feature doesn't offer keyframe animation flexibility, it still provides a convenient way to quickly enhance your videos with professional-looking effects and transitions. You can explore the available templates within CapCut or search for third-party sources that offer CapCut-specific templates to find a range of creative options to enhance your video editing process.
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